Stone County and Christian County MRAs Endorse Burt Whaley for Representative in the 138th Legislative District

At a regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, April 18, 2024, the majority of the members of the Stone County MRA and the Christian County MRA who vote in the 138th Legislative District endorsed Burt Whaley for State Representative.

This endorsement results from careful consideration and a strong belief in Mr. Whaley’s ability to represent our district effectively. Burt Whaley has consistently demonstrated a commitment to addressing the concerns of our community and working towards solutions that benefit all residents. His dedication to public service and his proven track record make him the ideal candidate to advocate for our interests in the state legislature.

We are confident that Burt Whaley will bring a fresh perspective and a strong voice to the issues that matter most to the voters of the 138th Legislative District. His leadership, integrity, and vision for the future are qualities that we believe are essential for effective representation.

We urge all voters in the 138th Legislative District to support Burt Whaley in the upcoming election. Together, we can ensure our district thrives under strong and capable leadership.

Note: This endorsement letter reflects the collective decision made by the Stone County MRA and Christian County MRA members, who vote in the 138th Legislative District.

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