Conservative Youth Resources

National Teen Age Republicans

Teen Age Republicans have a great opportunity to serve their community and country while learning about the political process.  As a TAR, you become aware of national and international issues and how current events impact your life.  With effective club programming, TARS grew into leaders and swayed elections.  This can make a huge difference in how elected candidates enact laws that affect you!

National Teen Age Republicans are one of the three official auxiliaries of the Republican Party.  After graduating high school, you can move on to become a College Republican or a Young Republican (ages 18 – 40).  Many TARS run for local elections and get to network with influential leaders across the country.

TAR Clubs can be found in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and overseas.  Clubs serve the community while expressing core Republican values.  You can start a club with your high school, home school students, county, city, or region.

High School Republicans

The High School Republican National Federation (HSReps) is a nationwide organization that connects young conservatives from across America. We aim to unite and coordinate the efforts of teens who are interested in making a change with increased political advocacy.

HSReps is committed to changing how high school students think about conservatism and promoting the values and principles of the Republican Party. Through our network of leaders and resources, HSReps provides a strong and unified voice for all teenage Republicans.

Our organization is entirely grassroots and student-run. Open to all high school students who are interested in getting involved, we seek to change the future together. Whether you are just starting to explore your political beliefs or are already actively engaged in politics, HSReps will bring you together with like-minded peers so that you can do more about the issues that matter to you.

HSReps operates with five main goals to advance the future of conservatism. We strive to:

  • Forge the next generation of Republican leaders
  • Maintain an active partnership and pipeline of voters to the Republican Party
  • Coordinate students to support and conduct active campaigns for Republican Candidates down the ballot
  • Make an impact on public policy to promote conservative values and solve student issues
  • Uphold personal liberty for all Americans

TeenPact Missouri

Through dynamic leadership experiences, TeenPact seeks to inspire youth in their relationship with Christ and train them to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture around them. With that, every aspect of the program – from homework to worship at the Capitol to teaching at the camp – should reflect Jesus Christ.

We apply this through two distinct offerings – State Classes and Alumni Events.

College Republicans

Founded in 1892, the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) is one of the nation’s largest, longest-running, and most active youth political organizations. The CRNC is comprised of 52 Federations, including one in each state in addition to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, with a presence on nearly 2,000 college campuses and over 250,000 members nationwide.

The Young Republicans are fighting for the future of the Republican Party. Together, our mission is to RECRUIT new Young Republicans and engage young voters with the Republican Party, TRAIN the future leaders of the United States, and ELECT Republican candidates from the top to the bottom of the ballot across the country!
SWMO Young Republicans are a collective of individuals 18-40 who are passionate about political activism, civic engagement, conservative policy, and the founding principles of our nation. YRs meet regularly to discuss political and cultural issues, hear from guest speakers, and participate in political & community activities.