County and State-Elected Republican Party Representatives

Are you tired of being misled by Republicans (Local, State, and National) who run as "Campaign Conservatives" and then vote like Democrats?

Go to the CCRCC link above and find the Committeeman and Committeewoman that has been elected to represent you within your precinct/township. Contact them and discuss your concerns at the Municipal, County, State, and National Levels.

If your precinct/township committeeperson position is not filled, then attend a meeting and ask to fill the position or run for the position in the next election.

The only Conservatives that matter are those "We Conservatives" succeed in electing to the office!

Missouri Senate District: 29

Committeewoman: Sandy Karnes

Committeeman: Ken Hurley

Missouri Legislative District 138

Legislative Chairman: Leasa Brosseau

Legislative Vice Chairman: Steve Stewart



Missouri Legislative District 139

Legislative Chairman: Jack Karnes

Legislative Vice Chairman: Beth Morse

Secretary: Laura Pettigrew


Missouri Legislative District 140

Legislative Chairman: Andrew Lower

Legislative Vice Chairman: Bonnie Palmer

Secretary/Treasurer: Debbie Sullivan

Missouri Republican Executive Officers

HQ Phone: (314) 669-1913

Communications & Press Inquiries

428 E Capitol Ave, Jefferson City, MO 65101

  • Nick Myers – Chair
  • Leann Green – Vice-Chair
  • Jamey Murphy – Secretary
  • Jennifer Finch – Treasurer
  • Carrie Almond – RNC Committeewoman
  • Gordon Kinne – RNC Committeeman

Christian County's Missouri General Assembly and U.S. Congressional Representatives 

Have you contacted your representative lately? Every day, your Missouri Representative and Senator work hard on laws, rules, regulations, and budgets that affect your daily life, liberty, and property. You owe it to yourself, your fellow citizens, and the future of your Republic to make your voice heard -- not just on election day, but every day. The links below will take you to your Representative's and Senator's official page. On that page, their direct office phone and email are accessible. Use it!

Brad Hudson, 138th Legislative District, Missouri House of Representatives.

Bob Titus,139th Legislative District, Missouri House of Representatives. 

Jamie Gragg,140th Legislative District, Missouri House of Representatives. 

Mike Moon, Senate District 29 - Barry, Christian, Lawrence, and McDonald Counties.

Senator Eric Schmitt 

Senator Josh Hawley 











Eric Burlison

Click the link above to contact him.

U.S. House of Representatives, Missouri 7th Congressional District.