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By Ronnie | May 16, 2024

Join us in supporting the Christian County Republican Assembly! Purchase a raffle ticket for your chance to win a Primary AR-15. Not only could you take home this incredible prize,…

Message from MRA President Regarding Vetting.

By Ronnie | April 20, 2024

Hello everyone, for several months the discussion regarding vetting has dominated the grassroot’s inner circle. It has been suggested by some that the MRA supports vetting when in fact, we have never…

MSM Blackout on Massive Rallies in Japan Against W.H.O.

By Ronnie | April 17, 2024

If we ignore them, will they go away? On April 13, 2024, tens of thousands of Japanese rallied against the proposed WHO (World Health Organization) Pandemic Treaty. Mainstream media outlets…

April 2, 2024 Election Results CCMRA Endorsed Candidates.

By Ronnie | April 3, 2024

Five of the six candidates that the CCMRA endorsed have been elected to their positions. Congratulations to them and to all those who worked hard to help them achieve their…

White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy

By Ronnie | March 20, 2024

This book gives an astonishing picture of a slice of American society – a picture of arrogant, racist, ill-informed liberal commentators who are happy to deliver a patronizing diatribe on…

Welcome to 2024: The Last Year of America

By Ronnie | March 16, 2024

The next eight months of your life should be devoted to preparing for a black swan event EMERALD ROBINSONMAR 16   READ IN APP   The Right Way is the #1…

Cereal Offender: Why is Chlormequat in our Oats?

By Ronnie | March 11, 2024

I know that many of our members enjoy oatmeal and cereal for breakfast, and when I came across several articles about this new pesticide showing up in a high percentage…

Democrats Say They Won’t Certify Trump Victory in Congress!

By Ronnie | March 4, 2024

Attention Christian County Republicans

By Ronnie | March 4, 2024

Some community members were unaware of the recent Christian County Caucus held on Saturday, March 2nd, 2024. I understand the importance of staying informed and engaged in our political process,…

MOGOP will require a pledge of Allegiance to the Missouri Republican Party to enter the Caucus.

By Ronnie | March 1, 2024

Participants must sign a pledge affirming their commitment to Republican principles. The exact wording is as follows: 2024 Missouri Republican Party Caucus PledgeI, _________________________, do hereby pledge my allegiance to…

Initiative to Vet Republican Candidates at the County and Hopefully State Level

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, I attended the JCMRA Meeting in Joplin to visit with a newly chartered assembly and listen to a presentation on “Vetting Republican Candidates at the County and Possibly the State Level.”

Mrs. Cyndia Haggard gave the presentation, Chair Vernon County Republican Central Committee.

Many Central Committee Members have probably heard this presentation, that being Mrs. Haggard’s goal “to get central committees on board with the process.” As stated in the meeting, her goal is to establish a Missouri Republican Association (yes, I noticed the Initial’s MRA) that includes as many Conservative Republican groups and organizations as possible to push “vetting of Republican Candidates” at the County level first and then the State Level. The State Republican Committee is not entirely on board with the process. Read the full synopsis in the link below and supporting court cases.

Jasper County MRA Meeting 08-22-2023

Duke v. Cleland

Miller v. Carnahan