America’s Digital Shield

Protecting Democracy and Digital Safety

Since late 2022, The Digital Shield project has allowed us to capture, archive, and analyze ephemeral (transitory) content 24 hours a day through the computers of a politically balanced group of tens of thousands of registered voters in all 50 US states.

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Our Mission

Our mission is safeguarding democratic integrity and ensuring unbiased web access. We are equally committed to protecting children from harmful content through robust data collection, addressing ethical concerns to create secure digital environments.

The Method

Data Collection

As a non-partisan nonprofit, we engage in meticulous research on internet content and its impact on behavior. Gathering data from ‘field agents’ in all 50 states to recreate authentic online experiences. This approach enables us to detect online threats and contribute to the protection of democracy.

Unlike conventional tracking apps and browsers, we prioritize safeguarding personal information. We exclusively analyze aggregated data, ensuring no personally identifying details are ever disclosed. We recognize the urgent need for widespread internet content monitoring to foster a fair and secure digital environment.

Visit the America’s Digital Shield Website

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