We can save the country if we can do three things.

Written By Thom Taylor

What are they? All 3 things have only one objective and that is to grow the patriot movement. With a growing patriot movement we have the candidates, the volunteers and the money to win offices.
By doing all that we would automatically have created an infrastructure to hold elected officials in check, actually accomplish patriot goals and course correct the direction of our country. 

To do this we need to grow personally,  numerically and functionally. We do this by learning new things and teaching new things.  We must get in the habit of not just looking at the TeamReach calendar but also posting on the calendar as well. 

The calendar keeps the patriot movement as a whole organized, it gives new people no excuse for not being involved and it produces  a way to cross pollinate with other groups so as to duplicate what is working. There is nothing more inspiring than to attend a group that is on fire, getting things done and it is contagious. 

We need to celebrate all good things , each others accomplishments and brag on each other or otherwise we need to start paying these work horses.   Remember talk is cheap but prizing people, pats on the back and flat out talking them up goes much further.

Take Michelle Herring for example, she clocked over one thousand hours working with We the People of Greene County, candidates, and many other things. Did she get acknowledged,  paid, patted on the back? I don’t know but I’m doing a little here.

There are probably scores of people who have put in hundreds  and hundreds of hours. Well for those lucky enough to be in the CCMRA we have Ronnie White who put together a great way to capture the hours you spend in the patriot movements. If your group doesn’t have a Ronnie White we will clone him. Just ask.

In the patriot movement we channel all competition into collaboration.  The bottom line question we should always ask is will my action grow the movement  or stifle it.

So what are the 3 things? Learn to ask everyone you are in contact with these 4 words: Are you concerned with…then fill in the blank. The direction of this country. The direction of the school system. The direction of your taxes. The direction of inflation. The direction of anything  that involves them.

If they say yes, then ask them what is their  line in the sand, abridge too far their last straw.  Once they tell you what that is give them your PATRIOT SMART card telling them you have a group of friends that meet every Friday morning or every Thursday night that may have a solution to their problem. Offer to buy them a cup of coffee. Then pull out an index card and ask for their contact information.  Tell them you’ll be glad to text them the next time when something important is coming up.

Later in the day, file text him your contact information.

So what were the 3 things? Ask everyone you meet the 4 word question. Next give them your PATRIOT SMART card and finally get their contact information. That is it! Easy Peasy.

By Thom Taylor
Resident PATRIOT Organizer
Available for articles like this and 15 to 45 minute speeches.
Text 417 408 5311

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