MOGOP will require a pledge of Allegiance to the Missouri Republican Party to enter the Caucus.

Participants must sign a pledge affirming their commitment to Republican principles. The exact wording is as follows:

2024 Missouri Republican Party Caucus Pledge
I, _________________________, do hereby pledge my allegiance to the Missouri Republican Party. I believe in the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and a strong national defense. I commit to upholding the values of the Republican Party and to working to advance its goals.
I am a strong and faithful Republican voter, residing and registered to vote in [County/CD/Missouri] for which this caucus/convention is being held.

There has been some controversy over this requirement. Does the MOGOP require Candidates for State Office to Pledge Allegiance to the MOGOP when they file? When candidates that filed this week were asked if they had to “Pledge Allegiance to the Missouri Republican Party” at filing the answer was ?NO!” Make what you will of that!

Click the link below to see the complete Pledge to the Missouri Republican Party.

MRPCaucusPledge2024-FINAL.pdf (

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