Attention Christian County Republicans

Some community members were unaware of the recent Christian County Caucus held on Saturday, March 2nd, 2024. I understand the importance of staying informed and engaged in our political process, especially given recent changes in legislation.

In 2022, the General Assembly passed House Bill 1878, eliminating state funds for the Presidential Preference Primary. As a result, it’s more crucial than ever to be proactive in seeking information about political events and updates.

Your elected precinct committeeman and woman are invaluable resources for staying informed about local political matters. Additionally, the County Clerk is another reliable source for political news and updates. We encourage you to establish relationships with these individuals to ensure you receive timely and accurate information. Consider volunteering as a neighborhood captain to further enhance your involvement in local politics.

Mark your calendars for the monthly meetings of the Christian County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC), typically held on the third Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise noted). These meetings provide a platform for discussion, collaboration, and staying informed about important party matters. You can find more details about upcoming meetings on the CCRCC website:

You are also welcome to attend the Christian County Missouri Republican Assembly (CCMRA) meetings held the second Tuesday of each month at the Lake Hills Church North 23rd Street, Ozark, MO—another great source for all matters Republican in Christian County.

If you’re unsure about who your committeeman and woman are, don’t worry! You can easily find out on the CCRCC website as well. Furthermore, if there’s a vacancy in your precinct, we encourage you to consider filing for that vacancy. Filing for the August election is currently open, and there’s no cost to file. Please note that you may be required to take a survey administered by the CCRCC to verify your Republican affiliation.

Let’s work together to ensure that all Republicans in Christian County are well-informed, engaged, and actively participating in our political process. Your involvement is vital to our success as a party and community.

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