Welcome to 2024: The Last Year of America

The next eight months of your life should be devoted to preparing for a black swan event


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I’ve had a nagging fear for more than a few months, now, that most Americans have their election math totally wrong.

You know these people. You love these people. We’re talking about your friends and family. The problem is not that they’re stupid or disengaged or indifferent.

The problem is: they’re living in the old America.

The brutal truth is that many people are still mentally living in that vanished country where the rule of law exists — where your vote actually counts — where the FBI doesn’t create a false flag operation on January 6th to stop investigations of election fraud in swing states — and where major cities don’t release violent criminals onto the streets without bail.

They still don’t fully grasp the truth: they’re now actually residents of the Banana Republic of Biden.

These people are fully convinced that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump — which is true — and so they plan to remedy this disaster by voting once again for President Trump in 2024.

Do you see the flaw in their plan?

Sure, President Trump has the overwhelming support of the American people — but the Biden regime has everything else. They’ve got control of the CIA — and the FBI. They have the NSA. They have DHS too — and the Pentagon. They’ve got the legacy media — and most of the courts. The Democrats have kept an iron grip on the federal bureaucracy since before I was born — and the NGOs for most of my life. They’ve got Hollywood. They’ve got Big Tech. They’ve got the schools and the universities.

Need I continue?

Now you have to be really honest with yourself: which side controls the 2024 election?

That’s why America is headed for chaos.

After all: if the voting machines are rigged, then how does it matter if your favorite candidate is leading in the polls right now?


This assessment brings me to the central question: what’s your Plan B after the November election?

What is your back-upplan if you find yourself permanently exiled from the old America?

The next eight months of your life should be devoted to buying yourself insurance for a black swan event — such as the end of the republic.

That’s not just my opinion by the way — it’s the sober assessment of quite a few security analysts and ex-military types who have appeared on my television show in the last few years.

Meanwhile, when your elected representatives in Congress (like Anna Paulina Luna) publicly admit on social media that America’s secret police now consider ordinary GOP voters to be “violent extremists” and “terrorists” then it’s time to ask yourself: do you still think you’re voting the Biden regime out of power in November?

That’s why it’s time to stop listening to any conservative media figure who tells you the Biden regime is “stupid” or “incompetent.” That’s just happy talk to conceal how the GOP has ceased to exist as a political party in the last few years, and merged with the Democrats.

If I’m being really honest, it looks to me like the Biden regime is conducting a communist takeover of America — and it’s doing just fine. After all, we are entering the fourth year of this coup. Once the election was stolen in 2020, and the national security institutions that are responsible for preventing such a catastrophe actually ignored the events and protected the perpetrators, I began to have my doubts that the CIA and the FBI and DHS and DoD — and about 10 million of their contractors and agents and assets — were still, you know, on the side of the American people.

And if that’s true, then the next eight months should be spent getting prepared.

So, yes, I want you to vote in November — and, yes, I want you to prepare for the communist takeover of America when your vote won’t matter anymore. That might seem contradictory or incoherent but it’s basic strategy: you plan to win the battle, but you also plan for an orderly retreat so that you can survive to fight another day.

No, I’m not being gloomy or hopeless. I’m not telling you to quit. I’m not encouraging you to stop voting. I’m telling you to get prepared. What does that really mean? It means you should get a satellite phone. You should buy more guns and ammo. You should stockpile medicine and water and food. Hold cash. Hold gold and silver. Have an emergency plan with your friends and family.

It’s time to get serious.

Remember: the billionaire Facebook grifter Mark Zuckerberg just built a huge underground bomb shelter in Hawaii for no apparent reason. That should tell you everything you need to know.

You do realize that you’re in the middle of a global conspiracy to end the democratic West, right? You’ve heard about The Great Reset haven’t you? You don’t want to believe it’s true — of course. That’s why you keep ignoring the obvious signs.

That’s called: magical thinking.

We’re already at the stage of the communist revolution in which 320,000 illegal aliens have been flown into the United States by the Biden regime to occupy your country and to eventually serve as soldiers and police who are loyal to the communists.

We’re already at the stage when the agents of the Biden regime are openly admitting that they will not allow Trump to hold the office again if he’s elected. They’re telling you he should be denied classified briefings right now. They’re telling you that it’s time to dissolve the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and order American soldiers to disarm the people. They will not allow a peaceful transfer of power.

I hope that I’m wrong — but what happens to you if I’m right?

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